Thursday, November 22, 2007

Collective Intelligence

It's amazing how fast is growing the Internet today. Every second 17 posts are made and 1.4 blogs are created worldwide. See this report for more information. So, what's the probability that somebody will read my post :)?
Millions of people are contributing to the growth of the Internet. Everybody is adding something new, something useful or interesting. The web is becoming the largest library.
The Internet has entered in almost all aspects of our daily life. Even serious partners are met on the net. According to a recent article, 60% if the Swiss singles are using this method for finding the real love. 16% of them are having also a marriage. Especially singles from Zurich are very active. Hmm, probably because a modern city and most of the population is web-connected? What is more, the IT takes an important part of the local economy and most of the enterprises. And there is a huge need for IT specialists.

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